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GAMER - (noun, slang) One who engages in PC or console game play on a regular basis; one of the more aggressive and active game players.

GIRL - (noun) A young female human; a human female who has not yet reached the percieved level of adulthood.

GIRL GAMER - (noun) A young female human who engages regularly in video game play, often mistakenly assumed to suffer from an absence of feminine sophistication.

Welcome to Girl Gamer, a video game review, preview, and conversation site. By girls, for girls. And possibly gay boys. Girl Gamer is a place for girls to talk about all aspects of video games, from graphics to cinematics to game play to the all important "which male character is hottest?"

Fair warning, this place welcomes yaoi and shounen ai (a female fetish revolving around fantasies of two males interacting romantically and sexually), mild feminism, occasional male bashing, talk of small, furry animals, and whining about periods.

This place does NOT welcome talk about babies and young children, parenting, relationships, fashion, make-up or 'feelings'. We're not a support group, take it somewhere else. If you're one of those people who thinks it's so kyuuuuuuuuute to let your little sprog bang on your keyboard in the middle of a multi-player game thus annoying the hell out of the other players, go away right now.


1) Every forum has rules to make it run smoothly, and so does this one. Rule number one being a list of what is considered 'on topic' for this community. That list is as follows:

a) Discussions about the particulars of a specific game. When somebody posts about a game, please keep your comments IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. Do not start a new thread about it. Check through the archives to make sure the game has not been brought up already. If it has been and you post, the mod will direct you to the other thread. You may, however, add a new post about the game if the last discussion is over a month old.

b) Complaints about other players you've had to deal with (mod reserves the right to censor anything /too/ offensive. Don't worry, that rarely happens)

c) Debates over the pros and cons of certain consoles

d) Debates about game developers

e) Game help requests (behind LJ cuts if you have spoilers, please)

f) News and rumors

2) In like fashion, there are things that are NOT allowed:

a) flaming another user because you didn't like their post (contact a mod about it if it's that bad)

b) issues revolving around female things that /don't/ relate to games. We don't care if you think you're pregnant or if you can't get a date. We also have no sympathy for those who want to talk about 'feelings'.

c) trolling, i.e., saying something stupid just to start an argument.

3) While Girl Gamers welcomes debates about things in the gaming world, we don't want to hear about politics, feminism or religion. The mod is mildly liberal, a non-militant feminist, and a pagan, and will blast you to pieces if you start controversy.



Helix, your child-hating, game-loving mod