Kyal (nekokikichan) wrote in gamelove,

XBox Live Connection Issues

So I just bought a Linksys E3000 router, excited that I thought it'd be great to help keep our XBox, PS3, and computers conneced wirelessly. The computers have been working fine without a hitch, however I've had nothing but headaches with the Xbox.

I was able to watch Netflix for a couple days with my XBox with my Linksys router out of the box. Sunday I tried playing Dead Rising and my Live connection kept dropping. I'd reconnect, and not two minutes later it'd drop again. I decided to recycle the power on my modem and router, and restart the XBox and still no go. Yesterday I decided to mess around with it again and have been following all the different combinations from this website to try and make it work:

I was able to connect long enough yesterday to download the new update for Live and have it install, however as soon as I got to the dashboard my XBox Live connection kept dropping again. I have an old wireless adapter for the XBox, anyone think this might be the issue? Anyone have any other suggestions? Should I just return the stupid router and get a less fancy one? I'm seriously at my wits end at this point and feel like I have tried every possible combination to make this work : /
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