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Oppertunity to promote girl gamers!

Hi I've just found the community and it rocks (I'm not child loving either...)

Just wanted to tell you all about a website me and my boyfriend run,

The idea is two fold. Firstly, its a place to find news about girls in games. Yes there is the occassional highly unfeminist boob comment, and sex sells style posts. But theres very little other news about girls in games unfortunatly. Which is where the second fold comes into it...

The site is also aiming to show the world what REAL girl gamers are. For this, we have interviews with real girls who can kick ass on games. See our interviews section for examples here-

This is the side I'm trying to develop more. The other half gets us 1000+ hits per day, so if the interviews can become regular, then its a great way to remind men that we're real people and we're often better than they are.

So I'm appealing for gamer girls who want to be interviewed and show the world the true face of gaming. All it takes is an email interview, and a few photos of your choice.

Anyone interested follow this link-


Console Cuties Modertor
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