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Hey... Got a noob in your midst. :)

I've been playing games since I was about 10 yrs old. In my lifetime I've owned an Atari2600 (it was actually for my older brother's, but I played it more than he did), two Nintendos (both were gifts to me), SNES, PSX and PC. I know it ain't a lot (told ya I was a noob) but it sparked a fire in me that hasn't died since. When it comes to gaming genres, I can't really say I have any favorites. If a certain game catches my attention and kicks ass on many levels, then that's just groovy and I'm all for it. I can say that my favorite games right now are the MGS series, the new Prince of Persia series and Shadow of the Colossus. My next biggest joy to gaming is video game soundtracks.

To this day I still deal with the "but girls don't play video games" thing with the added bonus of "but you're almost 30! You're still playing video games?!" lol. So I'm quite glad to have found this community and hope this post sparks some life back in her.

Take care and keep kickin' that ass. ;)
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