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Okay, i cannot for the life of me get the wifi to work on my DS.
This is the third DS I've been through - the first two had dead pixels right out of the box so I returned them because I'm a poor college kid and to pay that much for something, I'd like it to be flawless until I mess it up. :-)

Anyway, we have wireless at my house.. my dad is a computer guru and he can't get it to work at all.. we know the wireless is working because all the laptops and everything else will connect. We tried changing the channel of the wireless and everything to no avail.

Is it possible that the wireless part of my DS is busted or is there another explination? I'm at a loss - I'm about to drive to McDonalds and try it there because that's all I can think of.. and I know the area works for the wifi cuz several friends have it and use it all the time.

Any help is appreciated - either responses on here or emailed to me (

I just want to play animal crossing with other people now... :-(

Thanks in advance. :)

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