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Hi everyone! :) Out of a newly recognized obsession for the game Phantom Dust (xbox), I randomly typed in the title in the LJ search and found this community. I'm currently at Chapter 6 after two days of gameplay, for those of you who know the game. I'm only taking a break at the moment to spend some time on the computer because I don't think my mind was able to keep up with the ever-changing face-button pattern at this late of an hour. That and I think I should probably edit my arsonel. v.v;

But! Anyway... I'm just popping up to say hi and how cool this place seems. :) I'll probably comment again later out of dispair if I can't get past the three Freia's. Hope you're all well and have a nice day. :)

PS- I'm always up for a challenge on Live. My tag is Taliesinsuke. And now my feet are falling asleep, so I should probably put them on the floor instead of sitting on them (I'm random, don't mind me). Bye! *waves*
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