October 31st, 2005

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Helloooooo ladies!

I just joined this community so I wanted to introduce myself. People online call me Tenshi, sometimes Ten, which is close enough to my real name that it works. I'm 25 and I'm a Wildlife Management major at Ohio State, I should be graduating at some point before '06 is out. I had a Sega Genesis before I had an Atari, and while the Atari has been lost somewhere in the mists of time the Genesis is still at my mom's house, still works, and I still play it whenever I go home. I played King's Quest and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego on my sister's computer when I was in high school but we weren't big into gaming so we didn't get much more than that. Only within the past couple of years have I moved into the Modern Era when I asked my dad to get me a PS2 for my birthday.

Now I'll tell you, for a while when it came to video games I was stereotypically girly. I just couldn't make the adjustment from 2D platform to 3D games, especially not first person perspective games. I would get so confused. And if they required more than pointing and clicking (i.e. anything more complex than the Sims) I just couldn't do it. When I got my PS2 the first games I went for were ones that inspired nostalgia, namely Sonic Heroes and Ecco the Dolphin and the Tides of Time. Eventually I got Enter the Matrix (which I hated, too many buttons to push), Urbz (again with the nostalgia), Final Fantasy X (playing it on a PS2 I borrowed from a friend is what made me want to get a PS2 in the first place), Destroy All Humans (argh, again with the buttons), and Prince of Persia.

In fact I got Prince of Persia on a whim. The games were used, buy two get one free, so I got Destroy All Humans, FFX, and Prince of Persia was the free one. This was a couple of months ago. I've been playing FFX fanatically since then (Lulu and Auron are so hot, and so is Seymour, even if he is weird lookin'), but eventually got tired of levelling and decided to give PoP a spin.

Holy shit, I loved it. I yelled at my TV and threw my controller and scrambled for walkthroughs when I got utterly confused and swore and pumped my fists every time I won battles and after a week of play (and playing for several hours straight) I beat the sonofabitch last night. Today I not only restarted the game but I scurried out to buy the sequel. FFX got me hooked but the controls on PoP might just be complex enough that I can do the Matrix and Destroy All Humans now. I'm all pleased with myself 'n shit.

Anyway, hi. :)


Hi! I'm Kelly, and I'm new also. I love playing games, though I don't have the time or patience for a lot of the hard stuff. I do mostly GameCube and PC stuff, though I occasionally play on my fiance's PS2. I've even been known to pick up MVP Baseball 2005 ..! :P Faves include the Myst series, Sims 2, Zelda: WW, Ratchet and Clank (a new find), Donkey Konga, and Mario Party (with friends).